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Marie Madeleine is the last "cotre" ship, type "cordier du Cotentin" built in 1934 by Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue's ship-yard in Normandy.


She was classified as historical monument by french authorities

in 1984 et declared "ship of interest" by french marine and river heritage foundation. 


The raising of l'Oceanole has finally been completed with great success and will be soon dismantle accordingly.

Remember that late October 26th , l”Oceanole ( previously named Pitcheco), built in Australia, sank literally in minutes to the bottom of the harbour , Quai des Hollandais, opposite the police station. 


Two years ago after researching the three-masted barque "Eugène Pergeline" sank in march 1917 over fasnet with 2900t of nickel ore, we decided to research the Cargo ship Barsac, sank over French coast in 1918 with 20 peoples and 3000t of nickel ore and nickel matte.